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Currently, Dayna is working for a private label called ASIS Fashion sold on Zulily. Zulily is a billion-dollar e-commerce brand that was established in 2009. Asis Fashion consists of 7 apparel lines Dayna works on 3 of them; ideating/creating storyboards and illustrations for her collections, art directing 1 of the lines by trend forecasting/creating seasonal decks for the brand direction, and reviewing designers' collections and providing feedback. Also, she directs the social media marketing for 2 of the lines.

In her free time in 2020, she started her own clothing brand called "Skelees" a fun graphic apparel company that she ran for 3 years before deciding to put the project down. You can learn more about Skelees by "clicking here".

Dayna Petry
   direct - design - produce

In addition since studying fashion and working in the field as a professional, Dayna is also working on another small personal project where she will design and construct garments in a more high fashion atheistic with a fine art application method.

With roots in sales and leadership that evolved into her love for art and design. Dayna started working when she was 16 at Vans Skate Shop in Newport Beach, CA, and quickly learned to appreciate shoes, apparel, art, and surf/skate culture. Dayna is ambitious, a team player, and passionate about illustrating, designing, and a seasoned creative problem solver. She blends the logistics of the sales world and the avant-garde from the arts to make calculated strides that have made her successful throughout her career.


Working several jobs throughout college - most being a sales manager in apparel - before she moved to art & design roles. Dayna started to become more interested in the graphic design on the T-shirt and how the garment was constructed vs trying to sell it. 


This evolved into her studying art. She graduated with 2 degrees; BFA in Illustration and a BFA in Graphic Design, and then furthered her education by studying Fashion Design. Dayna has always been comfortable with time management and juggling larger workloads, so throughout her academic career she was simultaneously starting her professional career as a Graphic Designer. 2 years after graduating and 7 years working in the field of Graphic Design, Dayna was always more interested in her apparel roots.


"It got me in trouble sometimes because I was confident in my ability to problem-solve any Graphic Design project that was given to me, but I could feel my heart wasn't in it. I devote my life to my work - that's not to be mistaken - as me not being a team player, or unable to separate my feelings from what it takes to collaborate in a group environment to get a job done, but when I say I devote my life, I mean I devote my time and I put my heart into achieving my personal goals, and professional goals so I want to be interested in the industry I am working in, and for me, it was always apparel and fashion". 


Other then her current knowledge in apparel and fashion Dayna's previous experience covers everything from graphic marketing (digital & print), packaging, production art and photography. Anyone who has worked with Dayna knows she is adaptable, creative, resourceful, curious, self-sufficient, a pleasure to work with, and always eager to learn.



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Below are some of the brands Dayna has worked with on various projects:

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