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Asis Fashion is a high volume-fast paced private label located in Anaheim, California. I work with a fully remote team designing/illustrating apparel graphics for several clothing lines sold on Zulily's website; Sunshine Swing, Asis, Trend Blossoms, Doll & Me, Dog & Me, and Neatie Kiddie. I work with licensed graphics as well as create my own illustrations. I design roughly 50-80 garments a week. In addition, I prepare the files to be posted on the Zullily listings. Also, I aid with providing marketing content and have directed and shot photoshoots for these lines. 

Below is a few examples of my work:

*Example of what I create in a month at work*

Sketch to Final: 

*Please contact me to see mood boards and a more in depth look of my apparel design process*

Apparel Designs: Asis Line (Girls)

Apparel Designs: Asis Line (Boys)

Apparel Designs: Sunshine Swing Line